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Ok. Just One More!

I was at the store yesterday and experienced another "Santa Spotting" moment. It made me think of some other "moments" I experienced this Christmas as Santa: - Strangest Picture Moment: I was driving from one appearance to the next, and was still dressed as Santa. As I stopped at a red light, I heard "SANTA!". I looked to my left and there was a carload of teen girls. One of them jumped out of their car, ran up to my car and asked if she could take a selfie with me. I obliged, and she made it back to her car just as the light was changing. - Best "Spur of The Moment" Moment: Again, I was traveling from one appearance to the next, when I realized that I left my Santa bag with my storybooks inside at my previous appearance. I needed the books for my next gig. I didn't have time to go back, so at the first Target that I spotted - I ran inside in full Santa gear and bought a couple of books - leaving behind stunned employees, parents and kids. - Stranger Danger Moment: I had an appearance at a Corporate Event - with an open bar. They also had one of those old-fashioned photo booths. About midway into the event, two rather inebriated women said they wanted to get their picture done with Santa. As the curtain was closing, one of the women yelled to everyone within earshot, "I'm going to get on Santa's naughty list!". Actually, I think it sounded more like - "Ima gedden Sans nobby liz." Nothing happened. - From The Mouth of Babes Moment: A little boy of about 4 asked me to give his daddy some brakes for Christmas. I asked him if it was for his daddy's car. He said, "I think so. He's always saying to my mommy, "Would you give me a brake." You can't make this stuff up! Happy New Year!


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