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"You Look Familiar"


I was at Kroger the other day, when I had one of those moments when you see someone and they see you, and you both think - "I know you from somewhere." The guy was with his son - who was about 6 years old. MAN: I think I know you from somewhere, but I can't think of where. ME: I was thinking the same thing. SON: Daddy, I know. It's Santa Claus! (Dad doesn't pick up on what his son just said. I smile and wink at the son.) DAD: Where do you live? ME: The North Pole. DAD: (chuckles) That's funny. No, seriously. This is gonna drive me nuts. SON: Daddy! It's Santa! DAD: I just saw you recently too. ME: Well, maybe on Christmas Eve? (I look at the son for confirmation. He smiles and shakes his head "Yes!".) DAD: Man! Where do I know you from? SON: Daddy! Santa...Claus! (The son gestures with his arms as if to say, "Hello?!") ME: Well, you'll figure it out soon. Nice seeing you again. Bye Matthew! (I had heard the dad say the son's name earlier. The son's eyes got big and he waved.) SON: (To his dad) See, daddy! It was Santa! ‪#‎alwaysbesanta‬ ‪#‎santaonvacation‬

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