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Santa Has Left The Building.

Yesterday at The Incredible Christmas Place I spoke to a little girl, who was around 8 years old, and her parents. After talking about some of the fun things they had been doing in town, her dad asked her to tell me who her favorite singer is. "Elvis!" she said. I told her that I thought that was awesome and that Elvis was one of my favorite singers. We then started listing our favorite Elvis songs, and one of hers was "Suspicious Minds". That took me by surprise. I then told her that I used to have an Elvis Christmas song as my ringtone, and could she guess which song I was talking about. Without hesitation she said, "Here Comes Santa Claus". (This girl knows her Elvis) I said, "You should've seen the looks on people's faces when I'd be in the store and my phone would go off." In my best Elvis voice I sang a few bars of "Here Comes Santa Claus". She got a kick out of that. We talked a little longer and then they had to go. As they left I told them to have a good day, and then channeled Elvis again as I pointed at her a-la Elvis and said, "Thank-you-very-much!" That got a big laugh out of her.

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