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An Amazing Discovery!

In the Santa photo area at Santa's Haus at The Incredible Christmas Place there is a beautiful, old rolltop desk. One of the props on it is a leatherbound journal with blank pages. When we're not taking photos, people can walk through this area and I've noticed both adults and kids opening it and thumbing through it. Recently I've started writing in it so that it looks like Santa's journal to anyone opening it. Today as I stood around the corner from the desk, I heard a young boy exclaim "Look what I found?!". I peeked around the corner to see the boy and his slightly older sister looking at the journal. I didn't want them to see me so I stayed back out of sight and listened. It warmed my heart to hear them reading the "Santa's To Do List" and the next couple of pages where I wrote about having an idea for a new game app and how beautiful it was to see the Northern Lights on my trip to Santa's Haus. I heard the girl say "Whoa. He saw the Northern Lights!". The boy asked, "What are those?" and she answered "I don't know, but Santa said they're beautiful!". #allthefeels #magicmoment

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